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Genuine Styrian Thermal Spa Water

Health benefits, relaxation and enjoyment –the spa water in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region confers a wealth of positive benefits. Thermal spas have always been seen as the epitome of wellbeing. The ancient Romans would relax in thermal spa water and there were thermal hot springs in places such as Karlsbad in the Czech Republic during the Middle Ages. Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region also looks back on a rich spa tradition.

Modern Oases of Wellbeing Grounded in Ancient Traditions

When talking about Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region, it’s not a contradiction to mention ancient spa traditions and the most cutting-edge fitness centres in the same sentence. Thermal spa water was predestined to be used for curative purposes as well as enjoyable activities. Primal feelings of wellbeing and having your needs tended to are evoked when exposed to the warmth and water. Water really does also harbour health benefits and the potential for regeneration.

The curative and beneficial effects of thermal spa water didn’t come about by chance. The beginnings of this water’s existence were put into place approximately 250 million years ago. At that point in time the earth’s crust radically changed in the region that is now Styria. Volcanoes erupted, and entire mountains disappeared. New mountain ranges were formed, creating deep crevices, and dragging large volumes of water into the depths of the rock. The water was sealed off from the outside in air-tight cavities in these underground reservoirs and over the course of millions of years it became enriched with precious salts and mineral substances, absorbing the volcanoes’ energy and the original power of the earth.

The modern thermal spas in Bad Radkersburg, Bad Gleichenberg, Loipersdorf, Bad Blumau and Bad Waltersdorf don’t just grant you access to this thermal spa water. There are a range of fantastic things on offer within the spas, including saunas, therapies, beauty treatments and different forms of exercise. These things perfectly complement the benefits of the thermal spa water in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region. You’ll find everything your heart desires here.

Incidentally, two scientific studies carried out by the MedUni in Graz looked into the health benefits of thermal spa water. The results showed that spending time in a thermal spa has significant positive health benefits. Salivary cortisol, a measure of stress, lowered in exactly the same way as it did with other relaxation methods. Subjective feelings of relaxation were more pronounced in comparison to other methods. There’s nothing for it but to go to the spa – you can trust it’s the right thing to do!