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Regeneration and Wellness

... and the hot springs beckon

The region's mineral springs were already used for relaxation by the Romans. Today, visitors have six wonderful hot springs to choose from.

The hot springs are at Bad Radkersburg (the southernmost spring, located on meadows along the Mur River, near to the border with Slovenia), Bad Gleichenberg (the name is derived from the "gleichen bergen" or "similar mountains" that paint a particularly pretty picture), Loipersdorf (which boasts, among other things, fantastic water slides), Bad Blumau (where the unique Rogner Bad Blumau - designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser - is located), Bad Waltersdorf (with its curative hot spring, a pioneer in holistic regional medicine) and Sebersdorf (where especially families with children can have lots of fun).

All six hot springs have in common the healing powers of water that gushes out of the depths of volcanic rock and is being scientifically researched since around three years. The medical findings are reassuring: a bath in Styrian mineral water is beneficial for one's health in several ways - it reduces stress levels, creates a feeling of well-being and seems to work best for those who need it most: people who suffer from stress. So immerse yourself in our pleasantly warm springs and enjoy a time-out with saunas and massages!

Styrian thermal resorts

When drilling for petrol in the 1970ies, hot thermal springs were found. This discovery turned the province of Styria into a true "hot water wonderland".