Pferd_Wanderreiten_Steiermark | © Susanna Fritz

Horse riding in Styria

It’s the ambition of all horse riders to strike out on captivating multi-day horse treks, yet suitable tours are actually incredibly difficult to find. Not in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region.

Adventures on Horseback

Would you like to experience the beauty of nature in the thermal spa and volcanic region? The peace, quiet and slower pace of life are so appealing here.  This slower pace of life also has its own rhythm. The beat of horses’ hooves.

Pride, strength, energy and beauty are the things that people find so fascinating about horses. So, saddle up and head off into nature. Riding through fields and woodland is a real balm for the body and soul. You’ll discover the south east of Styria in all its magnificent glory from the back of a horse.

There are countless possibilities for people wishing to take a horse trek, and many of these involve travelling along wonderful meadow paths that adorn gently undulating hills. Moments of pure happiness are guaranteed when riding through the picturesque vineyards of Styria’s volcanic region DAC winegrowing area, down enchanting forest and meadow paths, along the idyllic banks of the Raab or Feistritz rivers, through blooming orchards and passing fields of shining pumpkins.