Mur_Schiffsmuehle_Radfahrer_Mureck | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

Cycling in Thermen- & Vulkanland Styria

Those eager to get exercise can choose from among 3,000 km of cycling routes.

14 different routes perfectly combine sport and enjoyment – numerous wine pubs, wine farmers and food producers along the routes invite you to linger a while and taste their produce. Authentic Styrian produce is either served as delicious food or a fine wine which will sometimes make your break a bit longer than intended. Accommodation in all categories ranging from cosy privates rooms to luxurious five star hotels can be found along the routes. A good network of cycle services and bike rental shops is at your disposal for a great cycling experience.


Enjoyable Exercise Surrounded by Vineyards and Thermal Landscapes 

There’s so much to offer leisure cyclists in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region. There are 3,000 kilometres of cycling paths that take you out in all imaginable direction and include short-distance, long-distance, easy and difficult routes. Cycling guides, GPS receivers and information points all help find your way around. The 14 themed cycling paths, with stop-offs every few kilometres, are a real hit with leisure cyclists.

The undisputed favourite is the “Gaumenfreuden”(Culinary Delights) tour which leads from Fürstenfeld and through pumpkin fields in the direction of Riegersburg. It’s hugely popular because of the many wine taverns, wine guest houses and gourmet restaurants along the way which entice the cyclist to hop out of the saddle and drop in for a bite to eat.

A trip to Josef Zotter’s Chocolate Theatre when you reach the end of the Culinary Delights tour near Riegersburg sweetens the experience even further. There are similarly enticing stop-offs on the Lucullus, Wine and Water and Murauen Tours. On the River Mur Cycle Path, one of Austria’s most popular cycling routes, you’ll cycle through Austria’s second-largest floodplain to Slovenia. Bad Radkersberg, the region’s cycling capital is situated at the point where the River Mur leaves Austria.

Tip: Would you like to travel to Styria without your bike in tow? No problem –you’ll find numerous opportunities to borrow a bike or e-bike in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region.

Radfahren_Kloech_Sonnenuntergang_Weingarten | © TVB Region Bad Radkersburg, Bernhard Bergmann

Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour

Follow gentle romantic riverside routes to culinary descinacions or experience real action on your mouncainbike: there are many sides to mouncainbiking in Steiermark/Styria. The eight stages of the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour lead through the south and east of the region.