Sportbecken_Parktherme_Radkersburg_Schwimmer | © Parktherme Bad Radkersburg, Harald Eisenberger

Bathing & Swimming in Styria

There’s nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in the water of an open-air swimming pool, bathing lake or outdoor area of a thermal spa when the sun’s shining. It’s the start of the swim season.

And that’s a good thing, because out of all the other different types of sports, you’re provided with the most buoyancy when swimming - at least in a physical sense. Swimming is healthy; it makes you slim and toned. Endurance swimmers feel at ease in their bodies and can better cope with stresses and strains. There are numerous different swimming venues in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region, such as Fürstenfeld Open-Air Pool, Austria’s largest lido.