Paar_Jause_Wein_Buschenschank | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

Buschenschank - Wine tavern

For those who would like to experience more local colour - the Styrian wine pubs are the place to be.

In 1784 emperor Joseph II passed a law which allowed wine farmers to sell their own products on their premises: The Buschenschank (wine pub, wine tavern) was born. Numerous Buschenschänken have survived to this day and are cosy places where guests can enjoy a selection of cold meals ranging from cold meats, local bean salad with radish in pumpkin seed oil to homemade bread and pastry.

A law determines in detail what kind of foods and drinks the farmers are allowed sell. Hot meals and soft drinks are not among them as Buschenschank owners are only allowed to offer home-made and home-grown produce. There are also clear regulations of what and how much they are allowed to buy from outside sources.

What is it that makes the Buschenschenken unique? It is not just their hearty food, but also the quality of the Styrian wine which can be drunk in pleasant gardens. If you are lucky, the wine farmer himself will join you and reveal some well kept secrets about winemaking over a nice glass or two of wine.

Buschenschank_Steiermark_Jause | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger