Luftansicht_Burg_Riegersburg_Weingarten | © Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

The Styrian castle road

A number of impressive fortifications and castles can be found along this themed route. Many of these architectural masterpieces are open to the public, some of them are still inhabited. Their facades and gardens are a feast for the eyes and always worth a visit.

A trip along the strongholds of the knights

Thermen- and Vulkanland Styria is one of the richest in fortressed castles in Europe. For centuries Styria played a role as a bastion against invading people. The area is the meeting point of three cultures - Germanic, Latin and Slavic and as such was often attacked and had to be defended. Plenty of imposing edifices on the Castle Route are open to visitors and invite them to be witnesses of the past.

What is the essence of history? The value of tradition? Of cherished ancient walls infused with open-hearted cordiality? We are convinced that the appeal of so many things lies in their contrasts. We encourage you to visit the personalities behind the historic walls, and not be too taken aback by the youthful spirits you encounter wherever you go. We hope you derive the greatest joy out of these characterful lifestyle experiences.


Time travel

An exploratory trip through Thermen- and Vulkanland Styria is always a trip into the past because there is no other region in Austria that can pride itself on an equal number. One example of the numerous palaces and castles is the impressive Riegersburg Castle, which for a long time was known as the most powerful fortress of Christianity. Or palaces like Schloss Herberstein with its wildlife park, Schlosshotel Obermayerhofen, Schloss Kornberg or Schloss Kapfenstein to name but a few. Feel like royalty for a night when staying in one of the magnificent rooms of the castles. Many of these witnesses of the past make a dignified setting for various events and exhibitions today.

Historic Walls

The Castle Road connects castles and palaces, which are more than just destinations, because each house has one of the greatest secrets within its walls - that of time.
Schloss Aichberg Eichberg Lafnitz | © TV Hartbergerland
Castles and Palaces

Aichberg Palace

House with an eventful history, renovated by the art dealer Cajetan Gril, with a permanent exhibition, in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.
Burg Deutschlandsberg Weingarten | © Steiermark Tourismus, Martina Traisch
Castles and Palaces

Deutschlandsberg Castle

Numerous expansion and reconstruction phases in the Romanesque and Gothic periods as well as the Renaissance have left their mark on Deutschlandsberg Castle in western Styria, which houses a museum.
Burg_Ansicht_Festenburg_Bruck an der Lafnitz | © Festenburg
Castles and Palaces

Festenburg Castle

Former fortified castle, which turned into a "monastery castle", in Bruck an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.
Burg Guessing Burgenland Oesterreich | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Belinda Schagerl-Poandl
Castles and Palaces

Güssing Castle

Built on an extinct volcanic cone as a bulwark against the east, Güssing Castle in southern Burgenland is considered the oldest castle in Burgenland.
Schloss Hartberg Museum Oststeiermark Abend | © Bernhard Bergmann
Castles and Palaces

Hartberg Palace

Renaissance-style palace with park and museum about the history of Hartberg in the centre of Hartberg.
Schloss Herberstein Steiermark Innenhof Mann Fotograf | © Steiermark Tourismus,
Castles and Palaces

Herberstein Garden Palace

Garden palace with attached zoo near the Stubenbergsee lake in eastern Styria.
Radfahren_Kaffee_Altstadt_Bad Radkersburg | © TVB Region Bad Radkersburg,
Castles and Palaces, Family & Kids

Historic Old Town of Bad Radkersburg

Seven centuries of history greet the visitor almost everywhere in this spa town. From the main square’s Renaissance facades, to the defensive walls, the Gothic parish church, the museum in the old armory or Herberstorff Palace’s magnificent ...
Vulkankegel_Schloss Kapfenstein | © Schloss Kapfenstein, Ulrike Korntheuer
Castles and Palaces,

Kapfenstein Castle

This former fortress is situated on an extinct volcanic cone in the middle of the Winkler-Hermaden vineyard. In the family’s possession since 1898, the castle is a magnet for connoisseurs.
Burg Lockenhaus Burgenland Ritterburg | © Burg Lockenhaus
Castles and Palaces

Knight Castle Lockenhaus

Real knight castle with hotel, guided tours around the history of the castle and location for events and weddings in Lockenhaus near Oberpullendorf in Burgenland.
Castles and Palaces

Kornberg Castle

First mentioned in a document from 1284, the castle has been owned by the Counts of Bardeau since 1871.
Burg Neuhaus Stubenberg See Oststeiermark | © Ewald Neffe
Castles and Palaces

Neuhaus Castle

A medieval castle in Stubenberg am See in eastern Styria, which was destroyed by several fires and which has been restored for a long time and can now be called a castle again - and not a ruin.
Schloss_Hotel_Obermayerhofen_Innenhof_Romantik | © Harald Eisenberger
Castles and Palaces

Obermayerhofen Castle

Obermayerhofen Palace dates from the 12th century. The owners, Count Kottulinsky and family, personally look after their guests' needs.
Pfeilburg_Eingang_Fuerstenfeld | © Tourismusverband Fürstenfeld, Uwe Reinecker
Museum and Exhibition, Castles and Palaces, Family & Kids

Pfeilburg Castle Fürstenfeld

Pfeilburg Castle is one of Fürstenfeld's most popular attractions.
Spanische Hofreitschule Bundesgestuet Piber Lipizzaner Schloss | © Spanische Hofreitschule - Lipizzanergestüt Piber
Castles and Palaces

Piber Palace

Early baroque palace built by the abbots of the venerable Benedictine monastery of St. Lambrecht Abbey and home to the world-famous Lipizzaner stallions.
Pfarrkirche Stift Poellau Schloss | © Steiermark Tourismus, Manfred Polansky
Castles and Palaces,

Pöllau Palace

Former Augustinian canon's monastery in the Pöllauer Valley Nature Park in Eastern Styria, modelled on St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.
Burg_Riegersburg_Basaltfels_Eselssteig | © Burg Riegersburg
Castles and Palaces, Museum and Exhibition, Family & Kids

Riegersburg Castle

Riegersburg castle, the most impressive landmark of Thermen- and Vulkanland Styria, is located at a height of 482m on a steep former volcanic rock.
Romantik Schloss Ottersbach Suedsteiermark | © Schloss Ottersbach – Familie Abel
Castles and Palaces

Romantic Palace Ottersbach

Wedding location with dreamlike palace park in Grossklein in the south of Styria.
Schloss Schielleiten Stubenberg See | © Schloss Schielleiten, Bernhard Bergmann
Castles and Palaces

Schielleiten Palace

Baroque palace at the Stubenbergsee lake in eastern Styria, which today serves as a federal sports and leisure centre.
Burg Schlaining Friedensburg Burgenland | © Burg Schlaining
Castles and Palaces

Schlaining Castle

Friedensburg Castle in Stadtschlaining in Oberwart in southern Burgenland has been set up as a museum and also offers several seminar and conference rooms.
Schloss Seggau Leibnitz Suedsteiermark | © Schloss Seggau
Castles and Palaces

Seggau Palace

Formerly the representative seat of the Styrian bishops, today a contemporary congress and conference centre with hotel in Leibnitz in southern Styria.
Stift Vorau Chorherrenstift Joglland | © Stift Vorau, Manfred Glössl
Castles and Palaces,

Stift Vorau

Augustinian canon monastery with library and baroque collegiate church of the order of the Vorauer canons in Eastern Styria.
Innenhof_Arkaden_Eingang_Schloss Tabor | © jOPERA
Castles and Palaces, Museum and Exhibition

Tabor Castle Jennersdorf

Tabor Castle is nestled amid the idyllic hills of Southern Burgenland, in the middle of the Raab-Örség-Goricko Nature Park.
Museum_Heimat_Tabor_Feldbach | © Heimat.Museum im Tabor
Museum and Exhibition, Castles and Palaces

Tabor Feldbach

Preserved largely in its original form, this historic fortress complex provides 1,400 m2 of exhibit space for an eclectic set of museum collections.
Zugbruecke_Burg_Portal_Riegersburg_Steiermark_Paar | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger
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The Castle Road

You can experience the Austrian past and present through a foray along the “Schlösserstraße” (castle road), a charming adventure in any season. The old walls and ruins of those tremendous buildings are venerable witnesses of a great past!
Innenhof_Arkaden_Fruehling_Blumen_Welsdorf_Schloss_Fuerstenfeld | © Schloss Welsdorf
Castles and Palaces

Welsdorf Castle

Are you looking for a place for unique and individual celebration?

Die Schlösserstraße
The Castle Road Map
Lifestyle was not invented on the Castle Road only recently - it has grown here for centuries. Powerful in its cultural claim, lovably delicate in its form. You can order the Castle Road map free of charge under the menu item "Brochures".