Massschuh_Workshop_DIY_Selbstgemacht_Fuerstenfeld | © Thomas Bednar

Tangible Handicrafts

Styrian handicraft, which is deeply embedded in and permeates all aspects of life in the region, will be instantly brought to life for visitors in Styria’s thermal spa and volcanic region.

Handicraft Businesses Throw Open Their Doors to Interested Visitors

At the newly created tourist attractions interested guests can also try their hand themselves at crafting, getting a feel for the right way to work with clay, wood, stone or ceramics. For example, it’s all about "big and little ideas played out in wood" at Gross Carpenters in Fehring. There you can discover at first hand a treasure trove of wooden creations that are stunning pieces of craftsmanship. During the course of an exclusive chair workshop, you can also craft your own wooden chair in the space of just a few hours under the guidance of their craft experts.

Styrian handicrafts can also be experienced with all the senses at Ruck in Fehring, producers of hearing aids and glasses, Steinkunst Paar Rock Art in Fladnitz, the Keramikatelier LehmHaus Pottery Workshop in Bairisch Kölldorf, Lenz Carpentry in Bad Gleichenberg, Wollgenuss ("The Fascinating Delights of Sheep Wool") in Weiz and at Knaus Feel-Good Carpenters in Feldbach.