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Fascinating Art and Culture

The most beautiful artistic and cultural day trips and attractions in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region. Who knows, perhaps you will discover the odd cultural insider tip here?

Take a stroll through Styria’s past and present on the Castle Road, a charming destination the whole year round. Numerous castles and palaces entice you to go on a voyage of discovery.  The old walls of these powerful strongholds and fortifications are reliable witnesses of a great past.

A tour through the Museum in the Old Arsenal in Bad Radkersburg, which originates from the 16th century, is like taking a walk through history. It starts off in prehistoric and early-historic times, largely still in the dark, and ends with possible future scenarios for the population of the town and its surrounds. The museum is home to an extensive assortment of sometimes incredibly valuable artefacts, such as Europe’s largest self-contained guild chest collection, complete with original documents.

The town-, tobacco- and "Kruzitürkenmuseum" museums are housed in the Pfeilburg Museum in Fürstenfeld. The latter recounts the story, over eleven different rooms, of the history of the "Town on the Borders". The word "Kruzitürken" derives from an old curse word, which refers to the dual attacks inflicted on East Styria by the Turks and Kurucs.

Museums and Collections in Styria's Thermal Spa & Volcanic Region

Schiffsmuehle_Mureck_Museum | © Schiffsmühle Mureck
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Floating Mill Mureck

The floating mills worked on the Mur around Mureck for centuries.
Gsellmann_Weltmaschine_Edelsbach | © Gerry Wolf
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Gsellmann's world machine

Fifty years ago a farmer from Edelsbach bei Feldbach started constructing his life's work, on which everything moves and rattles. About 2,000 different parts have been put together to a bursting, swinging, turning, roaring, shining and blinking ...
Pfeilburg_Eingang_Fuerstenfeld | © Tourismusverband Fürstenfeld, Uwe Reinecker
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Pfeilburg Castle Fürstenfeld

Pfeilburg Castle is one of Fürstenfeld's most popular attractions.
Burg_Riegersburg_Basaltfels_Eselssteig | © Burg Riegersburg
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Riegersburg Castle

Riegersburg castle, the most impressive landmark of Thermen- and Vulkanland Styria, is located at a height of 482m on a steep former volcanic rock.
Innenhof_Arkaden_Eingang_Schloss Tabor | © jOPERA
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Tabor Castle Jennersdorf

Tabor Castle is nestled amid the idyllic hills of Southern Burgenland, in the middle of the Raab-Örség-Goricko Nature Park.
Museum_Heimat_Tabor_Feldbach | © Heimat.Museum im Tabor
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Tabor Feldbach

Preserved largely in its original form, this historic fortress complex provides 1,400 m2 of exhibit space for an eclectic set of museum collections.
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The Castle Road

You can experience the Austrian past and present through a foray along the “Schlösserstraße” (castle road), a charming adventure in any season. The old walls and ruins of those tremendous buildings are venerable witnesses of a great past!