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Winter in Styria

Time for Reflection During Your Winter Holiday

Enjoy a traditional end to the year with a visit to one (or more) of the area’s Advent markets. The south-east and east of Styria also have so much to offer here, from the traditional Advent market in Bad Gleichenberg where time-honoured customs and the experience of "Advent of past times" take centre stage, to Fürstenfeld’s Christmas Market, the largest in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region.

Winter time is also thermal spa season! The freezing-cold temperatures and snow outside herald the dawn of what is arguably the most wonderful time of the year in the six thermal spas in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region. Soothing and curative thermal spa water warms us up and imbues a sense of relaxation. We enjoy ourselves, recover from the Christmas stress and look after our health. It’s not only unique thermal spa water that is the focus of the Echt.gsund- Thermal Water Weeks from the middle of January until mid-March, but our health as well. We can go behind the scenes of the thermal spas during talks, tours and other activities, whilst at the same time doing something that is good for us.


A Peaceful Advent

The communities within Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region have adopted the philosophy of living peacefully throughout the Advent season. It is their common desire to give meaning to this peaceful time once again, and allow people to recharge their batteries. In "Peaceful Advent Communities" a sensitively selected object, rich in Christian symbolism, is placed in front of an illuminated green light in order to demonstrate a symbolic connection between group members. Just as communities set out a green light to demonstrate they are members of the “Peaceful Advent” scheme, members of the general public display a lantern at their homes. The natural flickering simple but bright flame of the lantern is an expression of moderation and represents the anticipation of Christmas. A peaceful Advent has returned to the houses in this area. The daily ritual of lighting the candle is inspirational, and also forces people to pause what they are doing for a moment. It’s a moment that is incredibly personal to each individual, the family and the community.

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Winter Holidays

Candlelight, steaming thermal spa water and pleasant warmth caressing the skin. Winter in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region appeals to the senses in so many different ways. Come here for refreshing alternatives to the frantic hustle and bustle in the run-up to Christmas, to luxuriate in the warmth of the six thermal spas during the most peaceful time of the year and to get into the mood for Christmas at romantic Advent markets.