Fruehling_Bluete_Steiermark_Urlaub | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

Spring in Styria

Spring in the Thermal and Volcanic Spa Region

Time to bloom. It’s all about "turning water into wine" during the spring in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region. After recharging your batteries in one of the thermal spas, the mild weather makes spring an enticing time of year to get out and explore the south-east and east of Styria.

Whether it’s enjoying the "anradeln" cycling event in Bad Radkersburg or visiting one of the numerous (wine) festivals in spring, this is an incredibly enticing time of year to get out and about in the south-east of Styria. The sun’s warm rays which caress the skin, lush green scenery, numerous events, the region and its people await. Come and join us soaking up cultural delights in the midst of lush green scenery. Anybody looking for culinary adventures will relish a picnic in a unique location, a basket packed full with Styrian goodies. There’s something for everyone, whatever their taste! 

Fruehling_Apfelbaum_Bluete_Wiese_Weg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

Spring Holiday

These brand-new holiday offers will quickly banish all thoughts of the winter! Fantastic ideas for carefree holidays in Styria’s Thermal Spa and Volcanic Region.

Peace and Quiet, Followed by a Time of Awakening

After a period of peace, quiet and retreat, a time during which nature slumbers and rests under a blanket of snow waiting for the first warming rays of the sun, there’s a sudden burst of "madness". January is upon us, a time for balls, parties and diversion. Carnival time is the perfect opportunity to let off steam, and is the welcome opportunity to escape from the melancholy of winter.

Numerous traditions characterise this period at the end of winter. There is much anticipation for the coming New Year, with all its promise. Once again there’s a time of fasting with a celebration of reflection and introspection. A period of abstention has a purifying effect on both the body and soul, and heightens anticipation for Christmas.

Easter, which is also a holiday of regional cuisine, follows a time of fasting. After having the meat blessed in the local church, Easter Sunday lunch is one of the best and most spiritual meals, coming as it does after a time of abstinence. Bon Appétit!