Pfarrkirche Stift Poellau Schloss | © Steiermark Tourismus, Manfred Polansky

Pöllau Palace

Former Augustinian canon's monastery in the Pöllauer Valley Nature Park in Eastern Styria, modelled on St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

Located in the center of the market town of Pöllau, this castle has its roots in a moated fortress from the 12th century. Its present baroque appearance reflects its later function as an Augustinian monastery. The baroque halls with their frescos and the former refectorium provide a venerable setting for cultural events and exhibits.

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Schloss Aichberg Eichberg Lafnitz | © TV Hartbergerland
Castles and Palaces

Aichberg Palace

House with an eventful history, renovated by the art dealer Cajetan Gril, with a permanent exhibition, in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.
Hartberg_Hauptplatz_Leute_Kaffee_Kirche | © Steiermark Tourismus,

City of Hartberg

Since July 2009 Hartberg has been an official member of the slow food movement and can proudly call itself a Città slow. This movement started in Italy and stands for a slow-down process and a new quality in the appreciation of food.
Schloss Hartberg Museum Oststeiermark Abend | © Bernhard Bergmann
Castles and Palaces

Hartberg Palace

Renaissance-style palace with park and museum about the history of Hartberg in the centre of Hartberg.
Schloss Herberstein Steiermark Innenhof Mann Fotograf | © Steiermark Tourismus,
Castles and Palaces

Herberstein Garden Palace

Garden palace with attached zoo near the Stubenbergsee lake in eastern Styria.
Burg Neuhaus Stubenberg See Oststeiermark | © Ewald Neffe
Castles and Palaces

Neuhaus Castle

A medieval castle in Stubenberg am See in eastern Styria, which was destroyed by several fires and which has been restored for a long time and can now be called a castle again - and not a ruin.

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