Burg_Ansicht_Festenburg_Bruck an der Lafnitz | © Festenburg

Festenburg Castle

Former fortified castle, which turned into a "monastery castle", in Bruck an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.

Vorau Monastary has owned this former refuge fortress since 1616. Rebuilt in its present form around 1700, it houses six chapels, the parish church and a knights’ hall with an imposing series of frescos by monastery painter, Johann Cyriak Hackhofer. Occasionally, there are special exhibitions.

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Schloss Aichberg Eichberg Lafnitz | © TV Hartbergerland
Castles and Palaces

Aichberg Palace

House with an eventful history, renovated by the art dealer Cajetan Gril, with a permanent exhibition, in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.
Stift Vorau Chorherrenstift Joglland | © Stift Vorau, Manfred Glössl
Castles and Palaces,

Stift Vorau

Augustinian canon monastery with library and baroque collegiate church of the order of the Vorauer canons in Eastern Styria.

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