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City of Graz

Graz is the capital city of the province of Styria. The old town of Graz was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites in 1999 and combines all important historical periods.

The capital of Styria

No other city offers as much variety on a relatively small area with a sunny, Mediterranean flair into the bargain. During culinary city tours visitors can expect appetizing breaks and amusing anecdotes about local life. The motto is "walk and indulge" – from the traditional farmer’s market in front of the Opera House to Mehlplatz ("Mehl" is German for flour) where you can expect to taste more than just flour. Enjoy!


Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is the landmark of Graz. The clockwork is housed in a tower 28 meters high and has been striking the hour since 1712. Enjoy the wonderful view of the city!


Kunsthaus Graz

Called "the Friendly Alien", by its architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, it is not only from outside that the Kunsthaus Graz enriches the Old City. Since autumn 2003 the Kunsthaus Graz has presented national and international art from the 1960s up till today.


Schloss Eggenberg Palace

It was initiated by the Count Johann Ulrich von Fürstenberg as a portrait of the universe. According to the idea of cosmic harmony, four towers represent the four seasons, 12 gates stand for the months of the year and 365 windows symbolize the days of the year.

Interesting things in the area

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Schloss Aichberg Eichberg Lafnitz | © TV Hartbergerland
Castles and Palaces

Aichberg Palace

House with an eventful history, renovated by the art dealer Cajetan Gril, with a permanent exhibition, in Rohrbach an der Lafnitz in eastern Styria.
Berghofer_Oel_Getreide_Muehle_Raab | © Berghofer-Mühle GmbH, Bernhard Bergmann

Berghofer flour and oil mill Fehring

Using traditional working techniques, the Berghofer Family carefully turn wheat to flour and pumpkin seeds to pure Styrian pumpkin seed oil.
Zotter_Schokolade_Riegersburg | © Zotter-Schokoladen-Manufaktur GmbH, Robert Lehmann

Chocolate factory Zotter

Josef Zotter produces more than 365 different kinds of chocolate with great creativity as well as commitment to organic ingredients and fair trade.
Hauptplatz_Stadt_Fehring | © Stadtgemeinde Fehring

City of Fehring

Fehring can pride itself on all the benefits to be found in a well structured, small town. Its prominent main square, various shops, inns and cafés make it a meeting point for all age groups.
Brunnen_Kirche_Hauptplatz_Stadt Feldbach | © Tourismusverband Feldbach, Bernhard Bergmann

City of Feldbach

As a friendly shopping town of pleasant size, Feldbach offers all the benefits that you commonly only find in bigger places. Cultural, sporting and culinary events leave nothing to be desired.

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