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Rolling hills ideal for wine

Rolling hills, fertile fields, vineyards and pumpkin patches. Interspersed with castles, farmhouses and wine taverns. Welcome to Southeast Styria.

The Styrian Thermen- and Vulkanland (spa and vulcano country) lies around 65 km southeast of Graz -the provincia/ capital of Styria -and used tobe a volcanic landscape. These origins are reflected not only in the curative hot springs that bubble up from the depths of the earth, but also in the shapes of the landscapes themselves. Although predominantly characterised by rolling hills, here and there a jagged crag juts out of the harmonious slopes. The Riegersburg rocky massif, for instance, clearly towers above the surrounding smooth sea of green hills. The numerous castles and forts of eastern and southeastern Styria stem from the lang history that this region has as an area bordering the East. Wherever one looks, there are beautifully arranged scenic attractions.

The houses and yards are adorned with flowers and are neat, and sometimes also - in a picturesque manner - rustic, simple and authentic. The entire region is extremely fertile: apple trees, elders, pumpkins and grapevines flourish in luxuriant splendour. The region's wine has character, is rich in minerals and is appreciated by connoisseurs from all corners of the globe. So we recommend that you also try some, preferably in a easy traditional wine tavern, and dive into the landscape as if into a sea of hills, enjoying its colours and shapes and autumnal mist, its fruit and its pleasant smells.

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Destinations in Thermen- & Vulkanland Styria

The most beautiful destinations in Thermen- and Vulkanland Styria, the south-eastern part of the Green Heart of Austria.

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